About Old

Mary & Objects is about taking pleasure in everything we do – we're all just here for a good time.

Wear the frilly shirt, drink a glass of wine, have a bath – as the wise and timeless saying goes ‘YOLO'

We're all about surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy. Everything at M&O is designed and made with love and care, focusing on creating unique pieces which express individual style.

For my whole studies I vowed I would never pull an all nighter – (this may be connected to the fact that I physically cannot function on no sleep) but I saw it more as setting a standard where I prioritised the quality of my day to day life over my quantitive output level. I never wanted to set a standard of work which I couldn’t sustain.

You can find me Designing and making in Brussels from my studio, but also relaxing, cooking nice meals, going out for drinks…

or at: info@maryandobjects.com